Não queremos slogans.
Não queremos palavras vazias.
Não queremos afagos no ego.
Não queremos elogios pelo que não somos, aplausos pelo que não fizemos, honras que não merecemos. E, principalmente, não queremos mudar o mundo.
Queremos, sim, decididamente,
mudar a nós mesmos.

We don't want slogans.
We don't want empty words.
We don't want ego stroking.
We don't want praise for what we are not, applause for what we have not done, honors we don't deserve. And, above all, we don't want to change the world.
We do want to, decidedly,
change ourselves.

Pillars: Strength and health: Taking Care of Yourself to Take Care of Others | Family and Children: Building a privileged place for maturation 
Spiritual Life: Live this life with your feet on the ground and your gaze on eternity | Love Relationship: Maturing in your relationship with others

 Personality Formation: Maturing to serve | Business: Accumulate means of action to honor duties
Culture: In search of human excellence, always 

Who we are? What's the GW spirit? What means be GW?

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